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disney cars cardboard cutout posters
Welcome to The World of Cars at, your source for cardboard cutouts and posters from the Disney Pixar Cars movies (Cars and Cars 2). Please use the search box above or click one of the links below to find the cardboard cutouts of your favorite Cars characters.

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Here are our top five characters from Disney Pixar Cars (based on popularity). At the top of the list is the silly and sweet Tow Mater, followed by the main character Lightning McQueen (these guys make great cardboard cutouts). Next comes The King, old time Lizzie, and cool purple Ramone with his awesome flame paint job. Rounding out the top five most popular Cars characters is good ole Doc Hudson. The next five most popular characters from Cars, are Fillmore, Francesco, Finn McMissile, Sarge and Holley Shiftwell. All of the characters are so wonderful it would be very difficult to rate them ourselves, so luckily we can use popularity statistics to rank them from top to bottom. Here are the bottom five most popular characters from Pixar's Cars movies; Shu Todoroki, Sally Carrera, Max Schnell, Siddeley Spy Plane, and Raoul Caroule. Don't feel bad Raoul. Being at the end of this list is still something to be proud of. We love you all!
disney cars cardboard cutout posters